And are we together, Saphira? As one? I take that as a yes.
~ Eragon to Saphira, asking are they one, and agreeing upon see her breath fire for the first time.

Eragon is a teenage Dragon Rider and the protagonist of the Inheritance series and the 2006 adaptation film of the same name. He was the son of the veteran Rider Brom, who was known for founding the resistance known as the Varden and slaying the thirteen Forsworn, including their leader, Morzan, servant of the tyrannical king Galbatorix. Fifteen years after his birth, Eragon found a blue dragon egg in the Spine, which soon hatched into a female dragon named Saphira, who was bound to him. Eragon and Saphira eventually joined the Varden and seek to defeat Galbatorix and return the land of Algaeasia to peace.

He was portrayed and voiced by Ed Speleers, who also portrayed James Kent in Downtown Abbey, Stephen Bonnet in Outlander, Daniel Edwards in Battlefield 1.


Eragon Shadeslayer (then Bromsson) was born in Palancar Valley, around 16 years before the start of the Rider War.  He grew up with his maternal uncle Garrow and cousin Roran.


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Character Criticisms and Controversies

In spite of the series' success, Inheritance cycle series also brought controversies and criticisms where the series' similarities with its inspirations such as Lord of The Rings series and Star Wars series proved too much. This also caused Eragon's portrayal and characteristic extremely similar with Luke Skywalker, which worsened that his film portrayal that in some ways, he looked like a medieval counterparts of Luke Skywalker. Following similarities with Luke Skywalker that also brought the controversy are:

  • They begin their adventures at a very young age (fifteen in Inheritance, nineteen in Star Wars) after their adopted family (Aunt and uncle) murdered, leaving them with nowhere to go but to flee with a mentor.
  • Both character are given the responsibility of continuing the legacy of an ancient order (in Eragon's case, the Dragon Riders; in Luke's, the Jedi) and becomes the first of a new generation of the said order.
  • They are given weapons that later revealed once possessed by their father, but loses it at the end of the second part of the storyline. Both heroes also build their main replacement weapon (Eragon-Brisingr, Luke-His green bladed lightsaber).
  • Both Luke and Eragon are used weapons from evil characters that were slain/wounded. He is trained by older members of the order after the original teacher dies Brom and Oromis, compared to Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda.
  • Both having a sibling he does not know (Murtagh in Inheritance, Princess Leia in Star Wars) until later in his life.
  • In the Eragon movie, Eragon stares into the sunset when Roran leaves, similar to Luke staring at the suns that brought many backlashes on the said scene.
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