Erg is a member of the mutant group known as the Morlocks lead by Callisto.


Erg like many other the Morlocks his past is a mystery it is unknown when his mutanted started and when he joined the Morlocks. One of the few things known about Erg before his life with the Morlocks is that he was a painter at one point. His mutant power allows him to absorb energy and then project a blast out from his eye. Also like all Morlocks Erg is not good or evil all members of the Morlocks have done good things to help guy goods other times they have sided with bad guys.

During the time of the mutant massacre were many Morlocks were killed Erg was one of few small number of members to survive. He also managed to avoid being captured and taken to the Neverland concentration camp. Erg was also one of the Morlocks to survive after Mikhail flood the Morlock Tunnels those who didn't die Mikhail forced them to go with him to another dimension Erg did not go with Mikhail Rasputin. After Scarlet Witch took away most of the mutant populations powers Erg was one of the few to keep his powers. Erg was one of the mutants to be added to the list of 198 mutants that kept their powers and that the government keeps track of after m-day. He joined the many of the other who kept their and survived at a place called Utopia.

When the Utopia that the mutants built to help them live, survive and work but after the Utopia fell my mutant lives were lost those that survived left the Utopia and went back to their homes or separate ways Erg was one of the survivors when Utopia became nothing but ruins. Erg appeared again later on living at the new Utopia built by Mystigue when Magneto arrives there Erg and the other mutants who follow him thought that he was a human working for the government.

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