I... was thinking... about you guys... and how you saved me... You two and everyone else... I wanna be your friend.
~ Eri to Izuku and Mirio.

Eri is a major character from the anime/manga series My Hero Acadamia. She is a young girl with the Quirk to rewind and reverse living things' existence.

She is voiced by Seiran Kobayashi in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Emily Neves in the English dub.


As a toddler, Eri's Qurik manifested, and she accidentally used it on her father, reversing him until he no longer existed.

Her mother disowned her out of fear, and she was taken in by her maternal grandfather, the head of the organized crime syndicate Shie Hassaikai. Her grandfather often left her in the care of his protégé Kai Chisaki. However, when her grandfather fell ill, Kai took over the organization and transformed it into a villain league. He experimented on little Eri, eventually discovering that her blood and tissue had the ability to reverse human bodies back to a prior evolutionary state, and could suppress or even erase Quirks. Kai, taking the villain name Overhaul, regularly extracted Eri's blood and manufactured it into bullets, selling them to other villains. Despite being in pain, Eri remained with Kai so that he would not hurt anyone else but her.

One day, after having enough, Eri attempts to run from Kai and ends up bumping into Izuku Midoriya and Mirio Togata. Kai arrives and attempts to explain that Eri is his daughter and is being rebellious, but neither hero believes him. Eri pleads with Izuku not to leave her. However, when she sees Kai preparing to attack the heroes, she relents and goes back to him, though the heroes remain suspicious.

Izuku and Mirio inform their boss, Sir Nighteye, of the event, and he tracks down Eri in the Shie Hassaikai's base. Eri, meanwhile, longs to escape, as she never felt a kindness like Izuku's before and wanted to experience it again.

The police and heroes raid the headquarters, but Overhaul expected them and sends his subordinates to hold them off so he can escape with Eri and his research. Mirio rushes ahead to save Eri, and manages to get ahold of her and defend her from Overhaul and his subordinate Chronostatis' attacks. Overhaul attempts to guilt her into returning to him, but Mirio tells her that he is there to save her and will not let anything hurt her. Mirio wraps her in his cape to protect her, and then goes to hold off Overhaul. However, Chronostasis recovers and loads a Quirk-Destroying Bullet into a gun. He fires at Eri, knowing that Mirio will take the bullet for her. He does, and his Quirk is erased.

Izuku, Sir Nighteye, and Eraser Head arrive to help, and Mirio escapes with Eri. Eri considers the whole debacle her fault, and tries to rectify her mistake. She is captured by Overhaul, who tries to escape with her, but Izuku catches up and rescues her. He fights Overhaul with all of his power, with Eri rewinding all the damage to his body as the fight escalates and finally climaxes with Izuku defeating Kai.

Eri is rendered unconscious and taken to the hospital, put under quarantine due to the danger of her Quirk. After a brief coma, she wakes up, though still psychologically scarred by Overhaul's abuse and the insecurity that the Shie Hassaikai incident was all her fault.

Eri is kept in quarantine for a while until Izuku and Mirio are allowed to see her. Izuku notices that Eri is still hurting because of Kai, and requests that she be let out of the hospital for one day, during the school festival, so he can allow her to have some fun and maybe smile. The day comes and Izuku takes Eri to the festival. His class performs a concert, and Eri finally smiles and laughs for the first time, leaving Overhaul's mark on her behind.

Later, Eri is transferred to U.A. High School's A-1 dorm room. As her Quirk begins to return, she is kept with the heroes, especially Eraser Head, so they can monitor and keep Eri safe.



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