"Skick Power of Breath!! Gosei Pink!"
"Miraculous Breeze! Super Gosei Pink"


Eri (エリ) is Gosei Pink (セイピンク Gosei Pinku) of the Goseigers. She is a Gosei Angel of the Skick Tribe.



When the Tower of Heaven was destroyed, she and the other Goseigers were trapped on Earth until they could find a way back. A childhood friend of Alata and fellow member of the Skick Tribe. She is a very optimistic person, always positive about life. She is the maternal figure of the group. Eri's personality resembles that of a cheerful and bubbly girl, as she is always thinking positively and never gives up. She also lacks common sense, as shown when collaborating with Moune. Because of her capricious and airhead personality, she often clashes with her teammembers, especially Moune. She is often seen eating something, especially sweets she even learned to make cakes.


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