Eri Kasamoto is one of the main characters in Metal Slug series, initially Metal Slug 2. She's an orphan who was escaped at front of a church as her earliest memory and become a leader of a street gang formerly. Her leadership skills were discovered by the military government that she received special camouflage training as a secret agent. However, she found both assassination and subterfuge operations to be heavily applied and transferred to S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S, which she was assigned to grant her ability and deeds. In the second uprising, Eri showed her exemplary performance in suppressive missions and prevented Morden's henchmen from executing it. She was also promoted to staff sergeant rank of Special Ops Squad, Intel division and regular government forces. Eri is mastered the use of hand grenades, especially aiming with her arm before throwing it. Not to mention her grenades cause a great amount of damage and she picks up more grenades whenever she found a crate full of ammo.




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