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Since I just turned sixteen a month ago, I wouldn't mind getting my license. I can't do that if I'm dead, you know.
~ Erica to Derek Hale.

Erica Reyes was a recurring werewolf and on the supernatural drama Teen Wolf. She was also a member of Derek Hale's pack.

She was portrayed by Gage Golightly, who also played Hayley Steele in The Troop.

Erica was a high school student who suffered from epilepsy and the medication she took caused weight gain and acne. As a result, she was a “pariah” at the school and had often thought of herself as unattractive. One day at school, Erica collapsed and was taken to hospital. She was found there by Derek Hale. Derek offered her a better life and used the promise that the werewolf bite will cure her symptoms to get her to join her his pack.

The transformation gives her more confidence in her appearance and social life. She would spend the rest of season two trying to convince Scott to join Hale's pack, and attempts to have a fresh start. The attempt failed to leave the pack, and was captured by the Alpha Pack. She was killed by Kali, and her corpse was found by Allison in season three.


Early life

Erica is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Reyes, with her father being an adjuster for the insurance company that dealt with the car accident that killed Jackson Whittemore's parents. In her youth, Erica developed a severe case of epilepsy, and was often taken to the Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, and was watched over by Melissa McCall.

Erica would attend Beacon Hills High School, and suffered a seizure in class that was so bad that she urinated on herself. Her classmates were less than supportive, causing her to suffer from low-self esteem, being shy and quiet. In addition, she also had a crush on Stiles Stilinski, but wouldn't admit this to him until season two.

Teen Wolf

Season Two



  • She was the third out of the five people that was bitten by Derek Hale.


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