Erica Wang

Erica Wang is a student at Jerome Horwits Elementary School. She makes her debut in The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants, the original Netflix series.


Erica is an 12-year-old African-American girl. She wears a light green T-shirt under an aquamarine vest and has a large pom pom hairstyle worn by a purple headband. She also dons jeans and rain boots.

As her superhero alter-ego, Plungerina, she wears a purple super hero costume, has plungers for makeshift claws and plunger stilts.


Erica is a cool and confident girl who is often involved in the adventures of George and Harold. Along with giving words of wisdom for the boys to follow, Erica is always three steps ahead of everyone on different occasions. However, she doesn’t hesitate to voice her opinions when it comes to George and Harold's antics. She openly tells them that their writing of female characters is offensive and is infuriating the female demographic. She also tells them that they don't have what it takes to get away with suspension like her.


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