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Erick Rowan Is the former member of the Wyatt Family, he was very close to Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt, and was fighting Cena every time for make the Wyatt Family win. Until the Family finally split up, Rowan was angry to not be with the Wyatt family anymore, he finally return to finally be in John Cena side by team up with him that make him make a turn face, and fight his former friend and Wyatt family member Luke Harper. After the authority return on raw , just for betrayed them he was fired from the WWE universe, but is unknown if he will return for the moment.

He finally make a cameo appearance during the 2 January in RAW, he attacked Bray Wyatt who wanted him back in his team , but Rowan refuse to be part of the family once again, in March he finally return with Ryback and Dolph Ziggler in a tag team match and win the match, but he's still fighting against Luke Harper and Bray, sometime he win and sometime he lose against them.

But when he choose to return with the family same if Cena wanted him to stay in his team he accepted his decision, but told to keep his friends closer and his enemy even more that make him see that same if they are not in the same team anymore they remain friends no matter what, he shake Cena hand and leave the locker.

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