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Erik Stifler
Erik Stifler is one of the cousins of Steve and Matt Stifler, the main protagonist of the American Pie spin off film The Naked Mile and one of the two main protagonists in its sequel Beta House, the other being his cousin Dwight.

The Naked Mile

Erik is a high school senior and could possibly the first Stifler to graduate a virgin. Although they are in love Erik's girlfriend, Tracy is not ready to have sex yet. They attempt to have sex one night, only for Erik to run out her house naked and defecates in her washing machine, after her father almost catches them. The next day, Tracy gives him a "guilt-free pass" so can have sex during "The Naked Mile". However, Tracy changed her mind was about to call Erik, but this he was asleep he did hear the phone and his friend Ryan threw his phone out the window of his car.

Beta House

to be added.


  • Erik accidently killed his grandmother masturbating.
  • Many people question Erik being a Stifler.
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