Erika Karisawa is a supporting character in the light novel and anime series Durarara!. She a member of the ambiguous Dollars Gang, and can usually be found driving around the city with her friends Walker YumasakiSaburo Togusa and Kyohei Kadota. She and Walker are both otaku (people obsessed with anime and manga).

She is voiced by Ayahi Takagaki in the Japanese version of the anime and Mela Lee in the English version, the latter of whom also voices Rachel Alucard and Darry Adai.


Erika has brown eyes and brown hair that is pulled back into a braid at the back of her head, with two pieces of her hair hanging freely in front of her ears. She normally wears a black newsboy cap and a long-sleeved black dress with black ankle boots. She usually carries a small silver slash bag. She has dark brown eyes and side bangs and two pieces of short hair on the side reaching to her chin. However, when her hat is off, it is shown that her hair is medium length, being in a braid wrapping around her head.


Erika is a hard core Anime Otaku, usually seen with her close friend Walker. She gets extremely enthusiastic about anything anime or manga related. Her personality can come off as being hyper and strange, but she proves in Episode 20 that she can be calm and can reason with people, although she goes right back to being her normal otaku self immediately after the topic changes. In the manga, Kida explains to Mikado that she and Walker are a bit peculiar, but good people. Like Izaya, she calls Kadota "Dotachin" as a playful nickname.

Erika is a member of the anonymous online gang called Dollars; her friends Kadota, Saburo, and Walker are, too, which is one of the reasons why she is often traveling with them. She is a big Yaoi fan. Whenever she sees Izaya and Shizuo fighting, Erika is convinced that Shizuo and Izaya are lovers, despite (or because of) their constant fighting.

Erika and Walker have darker sides of their personalities as they have been seen to be skilled in both mental and physical torture, displayed whenever the two need to extract information from someone. During interrogation, the torture they conduct is usually based on themes from a manga or anime series of the victim's choosing. Both Erika and Walker share the mentality that they were twisted from birth and that their affinity for torture would persist even if Anime didn't exist. Despite her sadistic tendencies, Erika still values her friends and companions deeply and will do whatever she can to protect them. 

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