Erin Esruance

Erin Esurance is a spy cartoon female character who fights criminals and save good people.


Sometime prior to her Starfleet career, she worked for a auto-insurance company, a period of her life that she would fondly recall during dangerous Starfleet missions.

In 2265, Starfleet Command assigned her a mission to the planet Delta Vega, to investigate the loss of communications with the Starfleet outpost on the planet. Upon beaming down to the planet she found the area infested by two native species, the polarilla and snow slug. She fought her way past members of the animal species on the surface of the planet until she fell through the ice into a cave network. There she encountered more of the animals, including a particularly large polarrila which attempted to use it's bulk to create concussive force waves to push her back. Fortunately Esurance's phaser was sufficient to disable the animal and allow her to continue.

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