Erin Gilbert is an author of a book that ghosts really do exists until she was fired and became the founder of the female team called, "The Ghostbusters".

She was played by Kristen Wiig


Erin runs the risk of potentially being haughty, as she is shown to be highly concerned with her perception by intellectuals. She is insecure from years of not being accepted by the academic community, and tends to come off as goofy when sharing their company. In fact, Erin is headstrong, believes in the scientific method, and does not easily give up.


She was a professor at Columbia University. One day, Ed Mulgrave Jr. came to her after reading "Ghosts from Our Past Both Literally & Figuratively: The Study of the Paranormal", which she wrote along with Abby. She was unaware of the books publication and was not wanting her representation mucked up by Ghost Chasing non-sense. Ultimately, she found out that Abby was operating her paranormal research at Kenneth P. Higgins Institute.

Abby was not willing to take down the book, but agreed to only if she'd come along with her and Jillian to investigate the haunting at the Aldridge Mansion Museum. While there, she encountered a spirit that slimed her. After the interaction, a video of it was posted online. She was fired from Columbia University shortly afterwards.



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