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‘Revenge’ is for settling your score with your own destiny!
~ Ermes Costello

Ermes Costello (Sometimes referred to as Hermes) is a major ally featured in Stone Ocean. She is an experienced prisoner who is looking for vengeance.

He was voiced by Chizu Yonemoto in Japanese and Tiana Camacho in English.



Ermes was born to a family that owned a restaurant which was run by her father and older sister, Gloria. Many years passed and Gloria inherited the ownership of the restaurant and she planned on asking her little sister to help. Ermes rejected this offer, wanting to go to college and wound up in an argument with her big sister. She decided to run off, resulting in Gloria witnessing a gangster named Sports Maxx committing murder. She proceeded to testify in court and because it, she was murdered. Maxx on the other hand only got 5 years in prison due to a lack of evidence. Ermes decided to put herself in prison to hunt down Maxx herself.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure : Stone Ocean

Ermes’ first appearance involved her telling Jolyne to calm down. She was impressed by her honesty and decided to explain the basics of surviving prison. Some time later, her money was stolen and after some investigating, she found that her money was stolen by a suicidal warden. To make matters worse, the warden had a stand which reflected any damage he suffered onto Ermes which forced her appease him. She finally grew weary of the warden’s constant suicide attempts and knocked him out using her stand’s ability, knocking her opponent’s stand disc out of his head. She and Jolyne discover where a stash of stand discs are located because of this.

Unfortunately, said stash was guarded by a humanoid colony of plankton named Foo Fighters. After a lengthy and difficult fight, the two were able to defeat the colony. Despite Ermes’ protests, Jolyne still decides to spare F. F who in return gives them the stand disc they were looking for. The colony later uses a dead body as a disguise in order to be in the prison and assist Jolyne.

They were soon challenged by another prisoner to perform 100 throws and catches for 200 dollars. After succeeding, that same prisoner gave the same challenge for 1000 dollars, intriguing Ermes who took the challenge with F. F. Due to interference from a guard, Ermes loses the challenge and the prisoner who gave the challenge reveals that she is a stand user. Ermes ends up losing money, a gold tooth, and her liver, forcing Jolyne and F. F to take another challenge while chasing the enemy stand user until she was defeated and had returned what was taken.

After recovering from her previous ordeal, Ermes returned to finish up her goals. She soon discovered where Maxx is and proceeded to kill him. This proved to be a mistake when she realized that her opponent’s stand ability turns corpses into invisible zombies. She was soon surrounded by invisible zombies led by Maxx who was also an invisible zombie. Jolyne and F. F quickly helped her out, the former having learned Ermes’ backstory from the latter. Ermes finally pummeled her opponent, knocking his stand disc out of his head and causing his stand ability to deactivate and resulting in all the zombies including Maxx himself to die, again.

Ermes wound up having to recover for a portion of the part and came back when Jolyne’s team were hunting down Pucci. After arriving at their destination, she and Jolyne were attacked by another enemy stand, this one capable of digging up past events and trapping targets in them. Jolyne and Ermes were soon trapped in a crashing plane before finding an oddity and escaping, allowing them to defeat the enemy stand user. The two were soon affected by Weather's powered stand, Heavy Weather which was turning creatures into snails.

Despite almost losing, Pucci was able to defeat Weather thanks to a distraction and Heavy Weather's effect on the group ceased. They soon arrive at Cape Canaveral where Pucci had already evolved his stand which gained the ability to redirect gravity.

As the group grew closer to defeating Pucci, his stand gains its final evolution. The priest quickly regains the upper hand, going everywhere at high speeds as the group watches in dismay. Ermes is one of the last members to die, her arms being slashed off by Pucci.


Ermes is a woman of above average height. Her black hair is braided with multiple barretes into multiple locks. She has triangular scars on her forehead and chin approaching her eyes and lips.


  • In the “JOJOVELLER: STANDS” book, Araki commented that Ermes resembled Polnareff as characters. Similarly, both pursue a perpetrator who killed their sisters.


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