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Ernesti Echevalier is the main protagonist in Knight's and Magic. He is usually composed and quiet but displays excitement whenever Silhouette Knights are mentioned. He can also be quite forceful evident when he skips and exempts himself from other classes to attend classes about Silhouette Knights. His goal is to create a Silhouette Knight and become a pilot.

He is voiced by Rie Takahashi, who did the major roles of Futaba Ichinose in Seiyuu's Life and Emilia in Re:Zero.


Ernesti Echevalier is a person with mixed gender. He is troubled by his short stature and feminine appearance that led to people hugging him. He has mauve-colored hair. His hairdo style is a bob cut. He has deep blue eyes.


Ernesti is obsessed with robots. Yet he still cares for his friends, Addy and Kid. Ernesti displayed his support for the twins when he learned their background as illegitimate children.

Skills and Abilities

As Kurata, he was a professional programmer. After being reincarnated as Ernesti, he saw parallels between his current world's magic to his previous world's programming. He was not only proficient in using magic and technology of his new world but thinking of new ones, too.



  • The Japanese voice actress of Ernesti is Rie Takahashi who also voices Emilia from Re:Zero and Megumin from Konosuba.
  • The English dub voice actors of Ernesti are Justin Briner and Alexis Tipton. Justin Briner also voices Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia.
  • Because Ernesti's childhood prior to his training wasn't fully adapted, many viewers incorrectly believed Kurata immediately got reincarnated into the 3-year-old Ernesti.
  • Both when he was Kurata and since being reincarnated, Ernesti has a habit of touching his chin when he's thinking.