Eryn is a heroine of Fairy Fencer F.


It was the hairstyle in tails, in the fairy girl type with four feathers to the waist, and dwells on Fang of Fury. It's unyielding personality in a relatively common sense people, Tsukkomi officers and conscientious person of the party. The identity's incarnation of the goddess, but do not remember their own origin for memory loss. In Tsundere, although initially I thought miserable that of Fang, go aware of the love against him gradually. It is Fang and the action both through the story the whole volume, but continue to be a friend of Fang, at the end of the story loses the entity in order to save the dying of the Fang, to be integrated with him. The Tiara Ending and Normal Ending is reduced to the part of the goddess, Fang against but disappear been erased even store while confessing love, not words of confession in Eryn Ending, called "Because Fang was so hope goddess" It will be resurrected in the reason. The basic form of the Fury in one hand sword of roundhouse, handle fire attribute of attack. The upon Fang and fair rise and is mounted in a protector asymmetrical ear piece wings. Is Heshiora in the middle once Fury of Part 2, then resurrected Fury of color and shape is changed from, it is the figure of one ear wings that Fury form also golden.


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