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Andalusian Triplets or Esmeralda, Esperanza, and Ernestina are beautiful horse triplets from Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted. They are all voiced by Paz Vega.


They are beautiful horse triplets from Spain who look, sound and dress exactly alike. But their precision performance needs some improvement and the Zoosters provide the enthusiasm and encouragement to perfect their act. They seem to be very fond of Marty when they wanted to paint him white and pink, and are presumably the ones who decorated him in polka-dots.

They later dress as butterflies and do a jumping act on trampolines. When they learn that the Four are zoo animals, they are heartbroken along with the other circus animals. Later, in New York, when Skipper learns that the Four have been ambushed by Captain Chantel DuBois, Gia suggests that they should help them but the triplets remind that they lied to them. Later, the triplets agree to help the Zoosters. In the end, the triplets are shown painted in polka-dots like Marty while singing "Afro Circus" with their friends.


  • (To Marty) We would paint you white and then paint you pink.
  • Hayyyyyy! (Scared when the elephant popped a ball)
  • Yeah! (Agreeing to do new acts with the Four)
  • (to Alex before performing in London) When do we go on?
  • But they lied to us. (after Gia suggesting that they should save the Zoosters from DuBois)


  • They all seem to have a crush on Marty when they suggested that they should paint him white and pink.
  • In their old acts, they all wore the same headdresses and straps.
  • They are all very skilled at doing flips.



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