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Eternity is one of the ruling cosmic entities in Marvel comics and while not a traditional hero is more often depicted as a positive rather than a negative and can thus be compared to gods of other works : Eternity is the "brother" of Infinity and embodies all of physical space just as Infinity embodies all of time.

Eternity is also a sibling to Galactus and Death, who are seen in a more negative light (with the exception of Galactus' true form as the Life-Bringer) - there are other villainous cosmic entities connected to Eternity such as Entropy, Abraxas and the First Firmanent.

Likewise, being the embodiment of all space, Eternity has "fathered" a great many other cosmic entities and these can vary from benevolent to malevolent - as is the nature of the universe itself.

Eternity has a long history with Doctor Strange and while often kept himself distant from mortals became a more active character as Marvel progressed : in recent times it has been revealed that Eternity is but a smaller avatar for the true Multiversal Eternity, who embodies the entire Marvel Multiverse and is but one of many such beings.

Traditionally Eternity is seen as among the strongest known "M-Body" abstracts in Marvel, this has dramatically altered over many years of storytelling but even in recent stories it is considered a very dire situation if Eternity is in danger and usually signals the arrival of a cosmic-scale threat.

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