Whoa that's intense!
~ Ethan seeing Peaches slip and slide through the air

Ethan is a young teen mammoth and a supporting character in Ice Age Continental Drift. He is a jock mammoth who Peaches had a crush on.

Ethan is voiced by rapper Aubrey "Drake"  Graham.


Reckless and carefree, Ethan enjoyed a life of fun and games with his crew. He, like the rest of the Brat Pack, valued "coolness," to the point where he told Peaches not to bring Louis with her during their walk, and later showed disdain for her family being "half-possum." He was also something of a thrill-seeker, thinking that narrowly outrunning a landslide was fun. He did show regret for his actions after Peaches admonished him. He showed concern for Louis when he confronted Gutt, thinking the molehog would end up dead. He later asked Louis if he and the Brat Pack could hang out with him, having come to respect the molehog for his heroic actions.


Ice Age: Continental Drift

Ethan is a teenage woolly mammoth who takes a liking to Peaches, Manny and Ellie's teenage daughter, and becomes her love interest later. He's a thrill loving teenager and is open-minded to Peaches being part of his group. He might have even returned her affections. Ethan sees Peaches slip and slide through the air, thinking she's doing some crazy stunt. But then she accidentally slams right into him, clamping their tusks together. Then Manny arrives and embarrasses Peaches in front of the other mammoths.

Ethan and his gang later follow Ellie as she leads the rest of the herd to the land bridge. When the herd stops to rest for the night, Ethan Is next seen asking Peaches out the next day but under one condition: not bring Louis and implies it would be bad to hang around them.

However, when Peaches sees she's hurt her friends feelings and that Ethan and his group don't really use common sense, referring to barely escaping a cave in as "fun"; she decides to leave. Ethan rudely adds its bad enough her family is "half-possum". Peaches becomes angered and leaves them. Ethan, unlike his posse, seems to have some sense as he got the understanding of Peaches' last insults to them and might have felt guilt from hurting her feelings.

After Louis helps save Peaches, Ethan and his group are impressed by his bravery. He calmly asks to hang with him and Peaches, to which Louis kindly accepts.


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