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Ethan Dalloway is supporting character of Halloweentown High and one of main characters of Return to Helloweentown. He becomes Marnie's love interest in the fourth installment. He is son of Edgar Dalloway.

He was portrayed by Lucas Grabeel also plays as Ryan Evans.



Halloweentown High

He travels to the mortal world as part of an experiment to live among mortals, and plays a rival of Marnie but after changing to turning against his own father to become good.

Return to Helloweentown

Although he is a warlock, he says he renounced his powers after his father lost his to the Halloweentown Council. He is now a mortal like the Sinister sisters who also lost their powers because their father worked for the Dominion, but he and Marnie appear to continue their relationship. Ethan's father also worked for the Dominion once upon a time and Ethan gave up his powers upon his father's imprisonment.

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