Ethan Waber is a hero of Phantasy Star Universe.


He was a civilian of the Guardians, it will be enlisted shows understanding in Guardians in that it has made the cooperation and rescue activities and Guardians during SEED invasion of Tarukasu alliance concluded 100th anniversary ceremony. To accompany Karen both the back of the cult to the player who visited New Days to investigate. It is contacted from Iruminasu, and go to the hideout. So, father Olson Weber is threatened to assassinate president is being shown the way have been caught in Iruminasu. In response to wanted in the governor attempted assassination suspect, disappear. Then draw Rogues and hands, representing the figure in front of the many times and without players and Lia from Guardians. Dress has been changed to black coat from the white center of the jacket, to show the atmosphere reminiscent and Rogues. It had been suspected to have Negae~tsu to Iruminasu, but in fact beside the work activities for Karen Ella, had been chasing the whereabouts of Olson Weber. And to act together with the Guardians, to follow the whereabouts of help and Olson Weber Karen gills. And reinstatement in Guardians through Ken's Iruminasu home. However, since that has been repeated reckless behavior, and they've been wounded enough not to cure even in technique. Players who go on board in the home of the enemy, and emits only a single word while watching Lia, Kurtz, along with Karen. And also appeared in the epilogue of the movie only in true end. In side story only, regardless of the player is told as a recollection. At the side story, re-formed a trio with Karen Hyuga first time in three years, it will be a united front with the player.


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