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They say that when one door closes, another opens. Well, a door closed tonight. And what a long night it was--but not just for me. Mia and I weren't the only victims here. So were the Bakers. It was that...thing, Eveline, who made them that way. But now Eveline's dead. And these guys are here to clean up the mess. I had just come to terms with losing Mia. But now she's back and wants to start over--put all of this behind us. Maybe this is where the next door opens.
~ Ethan Winters.
Goodbye, Rosemary.
~ Ethan's last words before sacrificing his life to kill Mother Miranda.

Ethan Winters is one of the main protagonists of the Resident Evil series. He is the main protagonist of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, and its sequel, Resident Evil Village. He was a system engineer in Los Angeles who was caught up in the incident at the Dulvey Haunted House.

He was voiced by Todd Soley, and Hidenobu Kiuchi in Japanese, and was modeled after Yaya Chamki.


Early Life

Very little is known about Ethan's past before the events of the game, other than that he was born in 1983, and later met and married Mia Winters before 2014. Mia had sent him a video of her telling him about her babysitting job, which was the last video message he received from her.


In July 2017, Ethan received an e-mail from a woman claiming to be his wife who was reported deceased in 2014. Ethan journeyed out to Dulvey, Louisiana in search of her, taking him to the "Dulvey Haunted House" formerly owned by the Baker family until their disappearance that same year. He enters the house and watches the "Derelict House Footage" (as seen in the Beginning Hour demo), where he witnesses the Sewer Gators team - cameraman Clancy Javis, producer Andre Stickland, and anchorman Pete Walken - infiltrate the house, ending with Clancy discovering Andre's dead body.

He travels through an underground shaft, and after discovering Andre's decaying corpse floating in the water, he finally finds Mia. After freeing her, she claims to not know about any message given to him and guides him to escape from the house's occupants. He receives phone calls from a woman named Zoe, who tells him to go to the attic. However, Mia, clearly possessed by infection, attacks him with a knife and later a chainsaw, which hacking off Ethan's left hand and forcing him to shoot her dead. As Ethan attempts to escape, Jack Baker appears and knocks him out.

With his left hand stapled (presumably by Zoe) and a codex showing him his health, Ethan awakens in a dining room where he meets the Baker family - Jack, his wife Marguerite, son Lucas, and an unnamed, silent elderly woman - who are eating human parts. He is force-fed their food until a policeman forces them to hide. He manages to escape his bonds but Jack is still around and starts looking for him. As Ethan tries to find a place to hide, Jack catches him and dismembers the lower half of his leg. He then provides Ethan a strong first aid med that allows him to reattach his leg. Once Ethan gets away for Jack through a passageway under the floor, he later meets a police officer at a window, who gives him his knife. The two meet in the garage, where the officer is killed by Jack, who fights Ethan until the latter wears him down and kills him.

Zoe reveals over the phone that the Bakers and Mia have been contaminated by a mysterious pathogen, requesting that Ethan set out to retrieve the necessary items to develop a serum that can cure her and Mia so that they can escape the Baker residence. Ethan sets out to find the necessary items to leave the main house, only to face off against the resurrected Jack, who reveals himself to be seemingly immortal. The two engage in combat in the basement of the house before Ethan seemingly manages to finish Jack off once and for all in a chainsaw duel.

Traveling to the guest house, Ethan struggles to escape Marguerite and the bug swarms she controls, eventually being trapped and forced to defeat her head-on. The confrontation leads to his discovery of the mummified corpse of a "D-Series" child, the basis of the serum needed by Zoe.


Since 2017, Ethan was put in protective custody with Mia by the BSAA and moved between safe houses; primarily due to their exposure to the Molded virus created from Eveline leaving a potential risk. Despite this setback, Ethan made the most of their revitalized marriage and the two had a daughter named Rosemary by 2021. However Chris Redfield broke into their home and supposedly killed Mia, before taking Rose and Ethan away to a buzzard village in Europe from the Cult led by Mother Miranda (who attempt to use Rose as a sacrifice to revive her daughter Eva.)

Ethan found an old woman, who cryptically warned him Rose was in the castle of the town and that something terrible was coming for the townsfolk. He meets the surviving townfolk before they're all killed in a attack. Upon his way to the castle, Ethan meets a heavily overweight merchant calling himself the Duke, who trade weapons and supplies with Ethan.

Ethan fights his way past all four lords under Miranda's command, coming face to face with Chris again. Chris reveals Miranda was posing as Mia and survived the execution attempt Chris tried; she's a lunatic bioweapon. Ethan confronts Miranda, whom tears out his heart before heading to conduct the ceremony. Ethan goes into a near-death hallucination and meets a fragment of Eveline in his mind, forcing him to relive Jack's first assault on him. Eveline reveals that Ethan had truly been dead since that attack; she revived him with Mold, which explains his odd healing and inability to truly feel pain.

Ethan heads to the ceremony where Miranda has failed; he tries taking Rose back when Miranda received a headshot. However, Miranda couldn't accept her failure and swallowed Rose into the Mold and transformed to kill Ethan. Listening to her lunatic ramblings, Ethan screamed at her that Rose was his daughter over and over; finally killing the monster and freeing Rose. Seeing his hand crumbling into Mold dust, Ethan realizes he is too far gone to be saved.

Chris arrived and Ethan takes his detonator, telling him to make sure Rose grows up strong. After Chris leaves with Rose and Mia (whom was being held captive for Miranda's experiments), Ethan blows up the Mold source in a final act of love for his family.


Ethan was mourned by both Mia and Chris. Though a silver lining came from Chris keeping his promise to help Rosemary grow up strong. After the village's destruction, what's left of Ethan's body was discovered and buried. In the 2030s, Rosemary visits his grave on Ethan's birthday before being dragged into yet another BSAA mission to use her Molded powers to help fight bioterrorism.


Okay, fine!
~ Ethan getting a handgun, ready to fight Mia.
Look, officer. [...] Now do you wanna see my name in the obituaries? Or do you wanna be a hero and save my life?
~ Ethan to Donald Anderson.
A f**king pocket knife?
~ Ethan to Donald Anderson.
What am I gonna do with a knife?
~ Ethan.
Who builds this s**t?
~ Ethan after solving a puzzle.
That is not groovy.
~ Ethan to Jack.
Do me a favor and stay dead.
~ Ethan after he defeated Jack in second boss.
Well. That's special.
~ Ethan upon seeing Marguerite's new form.
Just f***ing stay dead – OK?
~ Ethan after killing Marguerite.
This is getting old, Jack!
~ Ethan to a monster formed Jack during their final battle.
What the hell is she? Now what did she do to you?
~ Ethan to the real Jack about Eveline's infected the Bakers.
Okay, you little b**ch. Where the f-ck are you!?
~ Ethan speaking of Eveline.
I'm not playing.
~ Ethan to Eveline, showing her the syringe.
Playtime's over!
~ Ethan defeating Eveline.
I told you I'd send help. And I always keep my promises.
~ Ethan fulfilling his promise to Zoe.
What? Why?!
~ Ethan to Chris.
You're kidding me!
~ Ethan upon seeing Uriaș.
I do too. Once we get out of here maybe you’ll get to meet them.
~ Ethan to Elena.
Why is everyone dying on me!? This is...this is just too much.
~ Ethan mourning Elena's presumed death.
Bunch of crazy witches...
~ Ethan freeing himself from the Dimitrescu family.
Go ahead, do your worst!
~ Ethan's response to Alcina swearing vengeance.
I'm sick of bugs.
~ Ethan upon defeating Daniela.
Looks like your outside matches your inside now, psycho witch.
~ Ethan to Alcina upon her transformation.
You're the one who's cursed.
~ Ethan upon defeating Alcina.
I'll just be taking this...
~ Ethan taking Salvatore's flask.
In death as he was in life. Disgusting.
~ Ethan upon defeating Salvatore.
Eat s**t!
~ Ethan defeating Uriaș.
What do you care, Chris? You killed my wife, you son of a b***h!
~ Ethan to Chris in Heisenberg's factory.
Damn straight we will. And when I find Miranda... she's a dead woman.
~ Ethan to Chris, becoming allies again.
Your funeral!
~ Ethan defeating Karl Heisenberg.




  • Ethan lacks some common sense in some respects.
    • He didn't attempt calling the authorities in after finding evidence of Mia being at the Baker home; not to mention the disturbing fence made of animal remains.
    • He didn't ask the officer to call for backup when being interrogated at the window.
  • Although he's a presumed civilian, there's things that aren't coherent with this statement:
    • Heavy knowledge of chemistry (can craft medicine and better bullets for his guns). It's never stated what his job is, but considering it was 2017, Ethan could have studied YouTube videos on how to do this prior to the game.
    • Quick self-heal (get his hand and leg chopped off, stitch them back with staples and be fine). In an uncensored version, Mold is coming from his wounds; implying that this was only thanks to Eveline infecting him.
    • Skilled gunmanship (use pistols, shotguns, machine guns, etc. with ease). He's notably more sloppy with it in RE7, though by RE8, he is much more fluid (likely having received training from BSAA agents for self-defense).
  • In Spencer's notebook, it mentions a certain Ethan W., a skilled chemist, who was supposedly murdered by Albert Wesker, and it could be argued that there 2 separated Ethans, but considering the universe where the RE saga develops, there's a high chance that Ethan either faking his death or fighting of Wesker and Spencer writing that Ethan was dead because he seriously thought no one could fight Wesker and win.
    • Considering Ethan would have been 13-14 years old when Raccoon City was destroyed, this isn't likely, unless he's some kind of genius prodigy like Dr. K or L Lawliet.
  • During a near-death hallucination in Resident Evil 8, Ethan meets a fragment of Eveline's mind within his own. She reveals that Ethan was actually murdered by Jack Baker when he stomped on Ethan's face; he was revived as a Molded with his original personality intact. This explains why he could reattach his limbs and heal so quickly; plus, since his mind was connected to the Molded hive mind, his subconscious could pick up on the combat skills of previous victims.
  • When sacrificing himself, Ethan is one of the two protagonists who dies, alongside Piers Nivans.

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