I think I'm happier napping than when I'm moving around...

Etihw is the God and supporting character of The Gray Garden. They enjoy teasing Kcalb and slacking off.


Etihw is seen wearing a light grey, long-sleeved robe that covers their feet. A white religious cross symbol decorates the front part of the robe, and white diamond patterns are found on several other parts of their clothing. They also wear a pure white cloak over their shoulders. They have short, croppy, black hair with bangs. Three white diamonds float or stick to their head on each side, sort of like a headband. They have grey-black eyes that usually look calm and collected.

Male Etihw

Male Etihw

In the April Fools game Mogeko released, Etihw is portrayed with a more masculine look. Their hair is even shorter, with their bangs covering their left eye. They wear a white collared shirt with a light grey vest, topped off with a gray hoodie. They are also shown to wear grey baggy pants and grey shoes. Their hair ornaments stay the same.


They're extremely laid-back and likes to poke fun at Kcalb, to which he dislikes. Etihw is known to be a gentle and fun loving god, but is extremely protective when their world or friends are in danger. Their believed love interest is Lord Kcalb himself, although his returned feelings are mixed.


  • Back when Etihw and Kcalb were still at war, they used to have longer hair, reaching their ankles.Their eyes also held a stoic and emotionless look.
  • Etihw name is "White" spelled backwards.
  • Some fans of the game ship Etihw and Kcalb. Etihw + Kcalb = Eticalb
  • Etihw is thought to be genderless, that's why, in the latest update of the game, vgperson edited the text that implies Etihw is a girl, replacing the previously feminine pronouns with gender-neutral ones (they/them).
  • Etihw appears on a TV on the waiting room of the hospital in Mogeko's first game, Mogeko Castle.
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