Eugene Francis is the (former) secondary antagonist turned-supporting protagonist of the 34th DreamWorks film, Boss Baby. He is Francis E. Francis' older brother and former henchman. He was voiced by Conrad Vernon.

Eugene Suit


Eugene likes to dress up and was thought to be dimwitted, although he is shown to be clever and tough as his younger brother.


Eugene is a man with brown eyes, brown eyebrows, a gray suit with a white and purple shirt, a red tie, black shoes and black belt.

He also wears a purple suit with a white shirt, red shoes, a purple and black hat with a white flower on it and red lipstick.

He also wears an orange dog costume with black ears.

He also currently wears a white suit with a green shirt under it.


  • Although Eugene's gender is male, he has lipstick on him when he wears one of his disguises although females have lipsticks. 
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