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Eva is Rafael's wife who lives in Rio de Janeiro. Unlike all other birds who sing, she doesn't sing very well. She is a keel-billed toucan. She is a supporting character in the first film and a cameo character in the second film.

She is voiced by Bebel Gilberto.



When Blu and Jewel are ambushed by Rafael's children, he told them to stop before Eva punishes them. Eva is later seen when Rafael talks about the Carnival of Brazil. She is later attacked by the children, trying to calm them down. Eva's name is mentioned when Rafael is captured by Nigel. However, the toucan, herself, doesn't appear as one of Nigel's prisoners. She is later seen in the final song with no dialogue.

Rio 2

Eva makes her second appearance in the sequel to Rio as the minor antagonist. Eva has made a very few appearances. Here, she is seen dancing with the other birds in the New Year's party. Eva appears in Luiz's mechanic shop dressed as a samba dancer. She later appears when Blu, Jewel, and the other animals are rejoiced in the party.

Other media

Video games

Rio: The Video Game

Eva makes her first video game appearance as a playable character. It is possible her voice actor reprised her role. Unlike her original appearance, she is given a major role as a playable character.

Voice Actors

  • Bebel Gilberto (English)

Songs sung by Eva

  • Eva sings a sour note about the carnival in Brazil, which is explained by Rafael. This doesn't count in the soundtrack.


  • Ironically, Eva's voice actress Bebel Gilberto is an extremely talented singer.


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