Eva is a major protagonist (alongside her brother Gary) of the animated film Sahara. She is voiced by Angela Galuppo.


Eva is the daughter of a rich family of snakes. Adventurous at heart, she stifles in her golden oasis and dreams of freedom! It would not look like that but under her looks of pretty princess, Eva is an ace of survival, a real rebel with the hard skin!


Eva is first seen by Ajar trying escape the oasis by is stopped and captured by Chief-Chief. She is taken back to her father upset at the fact she hates the oasis for it being like a jail as she describes. Upset, she leaves, passing her brother Gary wearing a grass wig. Later, Eva sits by a pool of mud, and seems to get an idea while using her tail to draw shapes with the mud. Eva runs into Ajar disguised as a Dusty who asks for her help.



  • Eva is the green love interest, and it makes sense since green holds interpretations of success, growth, and rejuvenation.
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