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Evac is Autobot from Earth and one Optimus Prime's team-mate in Transformers: Cybertron. He works with his assistant, Crosswise.


When Starscream and the Ancient Decepticons attacked Earth in search of its Cyber Planet Key, Evac came to fight them with Crosswise. But when Starscream fired at them and Optimus Prime rescued them, they helped him down with Red Alert, and the Optimus team had to suspend the battle after Optimus was injured. And when Evac and Crosswise heard Cybertron was true, they couldn't believe that day, and in addition they joined the Optimus' team and Evac went to retrieve the Earth's Cyber Planet Key in the Omega Lock. However, soon Starscream stole the Omega Lock and Cyber Planet Keys and intended to use them to gain the power of Primus to make him the emperor of the universe. But they managed to get the Omega Lock back and they took it to Cybertron. And after having received the location of the last Cyber Planet Key from Primus, they headed toward the Giant Planet where the key was. And when they got allies from Metroplex and Quickmix and rescued Bud, Jolt and Reverb, they began exploring routes, one of which leads to the Cyber Planet Key. And Evac worked on a support group with Landmine, Coby, and Quickmix. And when they found a Lemuria spaceship with a Cyber Planet Key, Galvatron and Starscream attacked trying to get the key to themselves. But at the last minute, they managed to defeat them and get a Cyber Planet Key, but when it was placed in the Omega Lock, Galvatron returned and stole it and he was going to use it to unlock the black hole. But with the sacrifice of Vector Prime, they came after Galvatron, and all the Transformers around the galaxy came together to defeat Galvatron with his minions and save the universe. Evac came with Override, Scourge and Metroplex to help Optimus defeat Galvatron, and succeeded in defeating him and rescuing the Omega lock and the Cyber Planet. After the black hole and Galvatron were destroyed, Evac joined the space bridge group to build the space bridge with Backstop and Lugnutz.



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