Evangeline is a star in the 2009 film, The Princess and the Frog.

Role in film

Evangeline is seen from the start of the film - however, she is referred to only as the 'Evening Star' at first. She is first wished upon by a young Tiana for a restaurant she dreams of opening, and years later by Charlotte when Prince Naveen doesn't show up for the masquerade ball on time. Though disbelieving in the supposed magic of wishing on stars, Tiana, desperate to get her restaurant after being outbid, makes one more request to her, and in the process is introduced to the frog that turns out to be Naveen.

Evangeline is first referred to by name by Ray, who believes she is a firefly and is in love with her - Tiana, Naveen, and Louis are surprised when they discover her true identity but go along with it for his sake; as such, they refer to her by name as well throughout the rest of the movie and frequently consult her when facing problems.

At one point, Naveen reveals to Evangeline his feelings for Tiana and expresses his inability to tell her, and Ray humorously mistakes his words as being directed toward Evangeline herself - however, he is quickly brought to light by Naveen. When Tiana becomes upset by Naveen supposedly leaving her for Charlotte, she angrily tells Ray that Evangeline is only a star - Ray, although upset, claims for it to be nothing more than her 'speaking out a broken heart' and makes a resolve to discover the truth of the matter.

Evangeline is last seen at the end of the film, where after Ray's funeral a second star appears next to her to symbolize him and his love for her. They are later seen together again shining down on Tiana and Naveen as they dance together on the roof of her new restaurant.


  • It is possible that Evangeline was once a firefly, like Ray, and that they were in a romantic relationship.
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