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Eve is the third tritagonist in the Alpha and Omega series. She is the wife of Winston and the mother of Kate and Lilly. She is grandmother of Runt, Stinky and Claudette.

She was voiced by Vicki Lewis in the first film, Tracy Pfau in the second film and later, currently voiced by Cindy Robinson in the fourth sequels.


Like her daughter and granddaughter, she have tan and white with mane curls (Kate does not have) and have brown eyes.


Eve cares greatly for her daughters Kate and Lilly, but has a real vicious and short-tempered streak. She mostly behaves sweet and caring, but in response to some things, she threatens very gruesome violent acts, and she advised Kate that if Garth got out of line to use her teeth, go for the throat, and to not stop until the body stopped shaking; these words of hers never fail to widen the eyes of everyone around her in intimidation, including Kate and Winston.

The most notable threat she makes is to Tony, the leader of the Eastern pack wolves, threatening to rip out any of his wolves' eyes and shove them down their throat, so they can see her "tear (their) carcass open". This gets a reaction from every wolf of both packs and even causes one to fall off a rock in surprise, whilst everyone else jumps back.

Still, Eve is a caring mother to her daughters and loving wife to her husband, even though she sometimes overreacts to situations involving her daughters because when Kate reveals they were taken to another park by humans, Humphrey adds that they were supposed to "repopulate". So naturally, Eve jumps to conclusions and starts strangling Humphrey until Kate convinces her that nothing happened and Humphrey helped her get back. So, Eve stops and pulls Humphrey to his feet, sweetly saying, "What a nice boy". It is also evident that she seems to suffer from some type of dissociate identity disorder, which can easily be backed up by her constant and quick "shifts" from her natural nurturing and caring motherly instincts to her aggressive, threatening alter-ego. but still very friendly.



  • Her first Voice Actress, Vicki Lewis is best known voicing as Deb from Finding Nemo and Beret Girl from An Extremely Goofy Movie.
  • Her third Voice Actress, Cindy Robinson is best known voicing as Amy Rose from Sonic Boom, Ewan Amano, Chibitortomon from Digimon Fusion and Jackson Jekyll, Operetta, Holt Hyde from Monster High and Ziggy from Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.


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