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I remain alert for Jacob's next adventure and what new trouble it may bring.
~ Evie Frye
For every mission, there is a right way and a wrong way. Barging thoughtlessly into combat is, more often than not, the latter.
~ Evie Frye.

Dame Evie Frye is the main female protagonist of the 2015 video game Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, and the main protagonist of its follow-up DLC Jack the Ripper. She is a British Master Assassin and leader of the Rooks active in London during the Victorian era, and the elder twin sister of Jacob Frye. She later became a member of Queen Victoria's Order of the Sacred Garter, and the Ghost Club. Evie is more the strategic sibling to Jacob's reckless and impulsive behavior, and is dedicated to finding pieces of Eden while fighting against Crawford Starrick and the Templars.

She is voiced by Victoria Atkin who also voiced Liz in Crash Team Racing.


Early Life

Evie Frye was born on November 9th, 1847 to Ethan and Cecily Frye, and is the older twin sister to Jacob, who was born four minutes after her. Cecily died from childbirth, and the twins were raised by their father and grandmother until they reached the age of six. Ethan then trained his children to become assassins like him, and Evie thrived on his teachings of the Brotherhood and the Pieces of Eden. While a teenager, Evie would spy on her father and his friend, George Westhouse and would relay their conversations to Jacob, who was carefree and preferred to stay out late. Before the events of the game, Evie assassinated a mill owner to abused his workers. Ethan passed away of natural causes in 1868, and the twins continued their training under Westhouse to prepare them to eliminate Templars.

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

In Croydon, Westhouse brought the twins to eliminate Rupert Ferris and David Brewster, who were members of the Templar Order. Evie was tasked with assassinating Brewster while Jacob eliminated Ferris, and used her tactical mind to cause a diversion to enter Brewster's laboratory. She managed to collect an Apple of Eden from Brewster and Lucy Thorne, and assassinated David before reuniting with Jacob and Westhouse. After completing their mission, Evie and Jacob expressed their concerns over the Templars having control over London, but were warned by Westhouse not to do so. The two ignored Westhouse's warnings, and the twins managed to hitch a train that was heading to London to free it from the Templars.

In Whitechapel, Evie and Jacob sought Henry Green, the remaining assassin in London, and also met and assisted the writer Charles Darwin. The twins made allies with Frederick Abberline, who wanted them to kidnap Blighters and Clara O'Dea, who wanted their help in freeing abused children from factory labor. With the access of O'Dea's child informants, the twins assassinated gang leader Rexford Kaylock and created the Rooks at the Blighter's former hideout. The twins also met Agnes MacBean, who provided her financial services to them, and were given inventions from Alexander Graham Bell. Though the twins had the same goal in stopping the Templars, Evie found Jacob's plan to be reckless, as she wanted to collect the pieces of Eden so the Templars wouldn't have their hands on them.

Evie worked with Henry in finding Edward Kenway's mansion, which was taken over by Thorne and the Blighters, and the two recovered documents an an artifact before escaping. She then assisted Bell in fighting against Starrick's control over the press and spreading false information throughout London, and Bell returned their help with giving them more equipment. Later on, Evie visited the Lambeth Asylum after Jacob assassinated it's doctor, John Elliotson and find an ill Clara there. Thankfully, Florence Nightingale tasked Evie with recovering supplies for the cure of Clara's illness. After helping Nightingale, she was able to discover a precursor necklace after solving puzzles, but the necklace was taken by Thorne after a duel. Evie assassinated Thorne eventually, and helped Jacob eliminate other Templar leaders during the Blighters' gang war. Evie and Jacob managed to assassinate Starrick at Queen Victoria's party, whom they also saved from Crawford's plans.

After eliminating Starrick with the assistance of Jacob and Henry, Queen Victoria has the three become members of the Order of the Sacred Garter. Evie and Jacob then assisted the queen with stopping Templar members from destroying Parliament, but stopped helping Victoria to avoid furthering Britain's imperialist ideas.

Jack the Ripper

By 1888, Jacob asked Evie to return to London due to the Whitechapel murders, which were committed by a serial killer that the public called "Jack the Ripper". In London, Evie spoke with Abberline, who informed her of the serial killer and that Jacob couldn't be found. Evie investigated and deduced that the killer was murdering assassins who were guised as prostitutes, and eventually confronted and defeated Jack the Ripper. Evie then rescued Jacob from the Lambeth Asylum, and helped Abberline cover up Jack's identity from the public, as he was a former assassin.


  • Her name comes from the biblical origin from the alternate form of Eve, meaning "life".
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