Evinrude is the name of a dragonfly who is a resident of Devil's Bayou. He is used as a speedboat for transportation for small animals. He appears in the 1977 animated film, The Rescuers. He was voiced by Jimmy MacDonald, who also voiced Jaq and Gus from Cinderella, though Evinrude does not speak, and therefore he does not have any lines.


The Rescuers

Ellie Mae recommends Bernard and Bianca to use Evinrude as the fastest speedboat. He takes the two mice to rescue Penny kidnapped by the wicked Madame Medusa. Bianca asks Evinrude to slow down when almost approaching the hideout. Evinrude gets exhausted and later recharges. Later that night, Evinrude tries to convince Ellie Mae about Penny kidnapped by Madame Medsua. However, he is under attack by a flock of bats, which is trying to eat him. Evinrude hides in an abandoned bottle. The next morning, Evinrude wakes up and notices the flock of bats sleeping in the cave. Evinrude avoids the hungry bats and goes into Ellie Mae's house in a stove. He is later replenished with air to get energy. He later makes a bugle noise to find Penny and then defeat Madame Medusa.

That Christmas, Evinrude is seen flying into the Rescue Aid Society hideout with a message for Bernard and Bianca, asking for help. After they accept the mission, he then helps Orville the Albatross prepare for the next mission during a snowstorm. He is last seen snuggling in adorably with Bernard and Bianca as they take off on their mission.

Neither he nor his Devil's Bayou friends were ever seen or mentioned in the sequel.


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