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Exedra is an legendary hydra and one of the Six Ancient Warriors who appears in Bakugan Battle Brawlers as one of the supporting protagonists and an posthumous character in Bakugan New Vestroia along with Apollonir, Lars Lion, Frosch, Clayf and Oberus.

He is the Guardian Bakugan of an Illusionary Alice. He appears disguised in his Masked Knight form. But his true form is actually an Hydra-like monster who can absorb the Darkus Bakugan's energy to be stronger.


His true form is a eight-headed hydra form who is described as the Legendary Darkus Bakugan. He is an terrifying monster, but he is friendly with Apollonir, Lars Lion, Oberus, Frosch and Clayf. He has the ability to absorb the energy from an Darkus Bakugan to be stronger than the regular Darkus Bakugan.


Exedra first appears when Drago falls to the Doom Dimension, he challenges the Battle Brawlers to pass a test to make the Battle Brawlers' Bakugans evolve into a stronger form. Drago fights his friends to become Ultimate Drago. Exedra uses an Illusionary Alice Gehabich to challenge Masquerade and Hydranoid. Exedra removes his disguise to show his true form to try to be better than Masquerade. But he was defeated by Masquerade who evolves Hydranoid into Alpha Hydranoid.

Exedra appears in Bakugan New Vestroia when he resides in Drago's Perfect Core, he along with his friends give Drago a new body named Neo Dragonoid who is a downgraded evolution of Infinity Dragonoid, after Drago was freed from Spectra's command by Apollonir, Exedra is happy that Drago has returned to his good self to be reunited with Dan Kuso. He tried to defeat King Zenoheld, but he gives his Attribute Energy to Percival and make him evolve into Knight Percival, causing Exedra and the Ancient Warriors to die, fading away in the process.

Exedra briefly appears in a flashback for one episode mentionned by Drago.