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Since I can remember I've wanted to dance.
~ Felice Milliner.
Chickens don't fly!!!
~ Felice to Victor.

Félicie Milliner is the main protagonist of the 2016 French Canadian film, Ballerina.

She is a defiant and determined orphan who dreams of becoming a prima ballerina.

She is voiced by Elle Fanning in the English version of the movie, and by Camille Cottin in the French version of the movie.


Félice was an orphan for a while, until running away with her friend, Victor, to Paris, where she followed her dream and tried to become a dancer.

Félicie stole Camilie's acceptance letter to the auditions of the part of Clara at one of the best schools in Paris. Her style of dance, however, wasn't ballet, and she was told by the teacher that she would quickly be eliminated. But she convinced the cleaner Odette who was a previous professional to coach her. She learned fast and soon was one of the last ones standing. However, Camilie had found out. The teacher saw that Felice had potential and wanted to keep both girls.

When it came down to just the two of them, Felice became over-confident and didn't practice on the night before. She was late on arriving and kept falling at the audition. She was sent back to the orphanage, but escaped once more and had a dance off with Camilie who was "lacking emotion". She won by performing a majestic leap that Camilie couldn't make. She made up with her and was given the part of Clara.


  • Despite commonly having her surname Milliner, in the movie she says her surname is Lebras. It's possible that this was her name in a different version.


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