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Lt. Templeton Arthur Peck, played by Dirk Benedict, is a fictional character and one of the four protagonists of the 1980s action-adventure television series The A-Team A recognized war hero, he is often referred to as (The) Faceman (or simply Face - Phoenix in Spanish speaking countries). Although creators Stephen J. Cannell and Frank Lupo had Benedict in mind for the role, studio executives initially insisted that the role be handled differently; Tim Dunigan played the role in the pilot episode, but after it was completed, he was thought by the same executives to look too young to be a believable Vietnam veteran,[6] and he was, at 6'5" (198 cm) much taller than the rest of the cast, particularly the show's 5'10" (178 cm) muscleman Mr. T.

He was replaced by Benedict for the rest of the show's run. Bradley Cooper portrayed the character in the 2010 film, while Benedict appeared in a post-credits cameo.



  • Face springs Murdock from the Looney bin every time; surprisingly never getting caught despite his repeat appearances with different excuses.
  • He's a fan of silent film star Elvira.
  • Face can scam almost anything for the team; likely having acting lessons from Hannibal.
  • He spends his free time in luxury thanks to his scams.
  • Face often drugs B.A. so he can be put on planes.


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