The billionth digit of Pi is 9.
~ Fact Core
He will most likely kill you, violently.
~ Fact Core telling Chell the odds of her failing to Wheatley.

The Fact Core is a corrupted core in the game Portal 2, he appeared in the final boss battle and is used to defeat Wheatley.


The Fact Core acts sort of soulless and is often serious. When the Fact Core speaks, he also sounds like a stereotypical "know-it-all" guy. He just likes bursting out random facts about things. Some of his facts are true, some false.

In the fan-made Meet the Cores series, his personality is greatly normalized, and comes off as a standard "straight man" among the other cores. Here, he no longer spouts random facts as he speaks like a normal person, but still claims he knows everything there is to know.


  • The Fact Core was the only Core to avoid getting sucked into space. 

  • There is an unused audio file of the Fact Core yelling at the Space Core and the Adventure Core.

  • The Fact Core is the only core out of the three cores in Portal 2 that doesn't appear in Lego Dimensions.



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