Fairy Mary is the leader of the Tink fairies in Disney Fairies.


Tinker Bell

In the first Disney Fairies film, Fairy Mary is tasked with watching over the new handyman fairy: Tinker Bell, who at first doesn't like being a tinker at all. When she realizes that Tink doesn't want to be a tinker at all, she takes offense.

However, she doesn't lose hope in Tink.

At the end of the film when Pixie Hollow is severely damaged, Fairy Mary is amazed to see Tink manage to put everything right with her talent. Finally Tink can travel to the still world.

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure

In the second film, Fairy Mary assigns Tink the task of building the legendary scepter for the Fall Festival with the Moonstone, and also how to keep patience by counting to ten.

That night Fairy Mary enjoys the Fairy Tale Theater show, and then she is assigned the task of inspecting for Festival preparations so that Rosetta, Silvermist, Fawn, Iridessa, Bobble and Clank have everything under control.

She then starts to panic when Tink and Terence don't arrive for the Festival.

In the end, she is last seen with the rest of Pixie Hollow celebrating.

Pixie Hollow Games

She appears in the Pixie Hollow Games special with Tink and the other fairies for the games.

Secret of the Wings

In the fourth Disney Faries film, she is seen taking care of the Tinks who have to build baskets for when the winter owls arrive.

Then when Tink is leaving for Winder Wood, it's Bobble and Clank covering her with Fary Mary, who she thinks are doing nonsense.

When the entire Pixie Hollow is in danger due to the imbalance of the seasons, she must order all the fairies to gather all the animals in a safe place.

After Tinker Bell and Periwinkle rescue Pixie Hollow, Fairy Mary is absolutely happy for them.

The Pirate Fairy

In the fifth film, Fairy Mary is one of the victims who Zarina puts to sleep to get the Blue Dust.

Fairy Mary is awakened by Tsarina herself at the end of the film.


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