Falke is a heroine in the Street Fighter video game series, originally appearing in Street Fighter V. She is one of the members of Neo Shadaloo and a friend of Ed.


One day, after doing a nightmare about M. Bison, Ed came to save her and they could escape Shadaloo. Falke and Ed teamed up to find other people who needed help.

Shortly after the creation of Neo Shadaloo, the two men quarreled with each other. Falke noticed that Ed was inefficient and wanted to know who taught him to fight. When Falke wins, Ed thinks she can easily escape herself and realize how strong she is. However, Falke said that if Ed did not come to save her, she would be trapped next to Shadaloo and rotted.

Seeing Ed's determination to save others and become stronger, Falk agreed to become stronger with him.


Falke is a good strategist and a perfectionist due to the extensive training she received while imprisoned by Shadaloo. Much like Ed, Falke also has a distaste towards Bison after being experimented on in the past and is also opposed against not only Shadaloo but other criminal organizations such as the Illuminati.


  • If one is to consider Falke's height and weight, Falke would actually be underweight in terms of BMI for a woman her size, approaching severely underweight.


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