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Fanboy is one of the titular protagonists of Fanboy and Chum Chum. He has a sidekick and a best friend named Chum Chum. He is an enthusiastic fan of comic books, action figures, fantasy, and science fiction. Fanboy has a very active imagination, a desire for fun, and adventure and he enjoys spending most of the time with his best friend. Fanboy's decisions often get him and the people around him into trouble.

He is voiced by David Hornsby.


Fanboy is free-spirited and ready for anything. He and Chum Chum are always doing lots of things together, and often have fun together. They have several friends, and will occasionally be strong and fearless. Like Chum Chum, Fanboy enjoys Frosty Freezy Freezes (a slushie drink based off of their favorite superhero, Man-Arctica), and is bullied by Boog. He is the leader of his main group of friends: Chum Chum, Kyle, Oz, and Yo. He is extremely hyperactive, and loves candy. Fanboy is unaware that he is hated by many people, such as Lenny and Kyle. He and Chum Chum unintentionally annoy them often, and even though they respond in a bad way, he still thinks of them as friends. Fanboy claims to be good with animals, and even knows how to care for them. However, he has a tendency to get mad at some times. If he is bullied and tormented enough, he becomes fused and demands it to stop. When he becomes sad enough, his cape and the spikes on his gloves droop, and his body's brightness starts to darken.


He wears a purple cape, mask, gloves, a green shirt with a white circle with his head on it in the middle, green pants, and black with white shoes and underwear on top of his pa


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  • Fanboy in fact, has a glass eye due to having Chum Chum poke one of his eyes out when they were in preschool, as revealed in the episode "Fan vs. Wild". He can use it to shoot a fire ray that bends iron bars.
  • His head bears a striking resemblance to Sheen Estevez from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Planet Sheen and also Flint Lockwood from Cloudy with a Chance Of Meatballs.
  • He can drink Frosty Freezy Freeze super fast.
  • Although it wasn't shown, Fanboy was the first kid to kiss a girl. (Fanboyfriend)
  • He once lost his memory in "Brain Drain". As a result, "narwhal" was the only word he knew clearly.
  • He's allergic to fish sticks, as revealed in the episode "The Incredible Chulk".
  • As a pirate, he goes by the name "Captain Fanbeard". (Fanboy A'Hoy!)
  • He has a grandfather whom he nicknames "Grandboy", and mentions him in "I, Fanbot" and "Fanboy A'hoy!".
    • The second time Fanboy mentions him, it's revealed that he gave him a super-deluxe multipurpose knife.
  • He is a good singer and can sing very well.
  • His first dialogue voice-singing role was in "Dollar Day", when he and Chum Chum performed their Dollar Dance, while his first singing voice-singing role was in "Chicken Pox", when he conducted a song in Kyle's Cone of Silence.
  • He's shown to have an obsession with mayonnaise in the episodes "Trading Day", "Brain Drain", "The Great Bicycle Mystery" and "I'm Man-Arctica!".
  • He dressed like Frankenstine for Halloween. (There Will Be Shrieks)
  • With his mask on, he can open the top of his head to store anything in it.
  • His real name is Tobias Cranapple III, as revealed in "Separation Anxiety". (Lance Corporal is a Military title and not a part of the name.)
    • To add, Fanboy was the first main character to have his full name revealed on the show.
  • The only time Fanboy had no speaking lines was in the "Head Suckage" teaser short.
  • He claps and plays the frying pan in a square-dance band, as the leader. (Kids in the Hall)
  • He's not very intelligent, as shown in episodes such as "Dollar Day", "I, Fanbot", "The Janitor's Apprentice", "Jingle Fever" and "Crib Notes".
  • He's shown to be skilled in kung-fu in "Precious Pig".
  • His favorite food is a toasted mayonnaise sandwich. ("Brain Drain")
  • He is trained in the art of snack calls as shown in "Fan vs. Wild".
  • He once hallucinated, thinking Professor Flan was a birthday cake. ("Brain Freeze")
  • He's shown to be a master of disguise in "GameBoy".
  • He was crowned King of the Janitors in "The Sword in the Throne".
  • He can stick pencils up his nose as shown in "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha".
  • Despite him being the main character, his name isn't said so often sometimes, and at other times, is not said even once in some episodes. Fanboy's name wasn't said in 16 episodes of season 1, and 10 episodes of season 2.
  • "Lord of the Rings" reveals he's a magician and has a nickname, "The Great Fantini".
  • He can speak Spanish as shown in "Fanboy A'Hoy!" and "I'm Man-Arctica!".
  • In "Secret Shopper" and "Tooth or Scare", Fanboy got gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe.
  • The episode "A Very Brrr-y Icemas" shows that Fanboy wants to be green.
  • He has a tendency to get scared very easily as shown in "Man-Arctica the Ride".
  • Because Fanboy is one of the two titular characters, he has appeared in every episode and short so far, even as a cameo. He has not missed a single episode. He is the only character along with Chum Chum, to hold this distinction.
  • In the pilot episode "Wizboy", Fanboy's name was not said at all until the end, when Kyle cries out that he's gonna rough he and Chum Chum up.
  • Fanboy is known to be unaware of some events and actions as shown in "Wizboy", "Secret Shopper", "Cold War" and "Stan Arctica".
  • Fanboy had damages to his teeth in "Norse Code" and "Dental Illness".
  • He can dry up his tongue like sandpaper as shown in "The Frosty Bus".
  • It was shown in "Lice Lice Baby" that removing his mask would reveal his secret identity. He was seen without his mask for the first time in "Secret Club", but only the back of his head was visible when that happened.
  • During some points in the second half of season 2, Fanboy's voice appears to be auto-tuned.
  • In the theme song, his singing voice was voiced by Jeff Bryon of The Mae Shi.
  • Fanboy's voice actor, David Hornsby, also did the voice of Joel Zymanski on the short-lived adult animated series Unsupervised and Tyson on the Nicktoon Sanjay and Craig.
  • Fanboy's italian voice actor is Alessio De Filippis.
  • The episode "Dental Illness" reveals Fanboy had a tooth in his lower left jaw that was never brushed, whom he calls "Toothy".
  • "Total Recall" reveals that Fanboy was born with an outside voice.
  • According to his YTV profile, Fanboy doesn't like to watch paint dry.
  • He was the first ever voice-over role done by David Hornsby.
  • According to Eric Robles himself on Nick Message Boards, Fanboy's birthday is May 9th.
    • His birthday is the same day as the creator's birthday.
  • He may weigh 90 lbs, as revealed in The Incredible Shrinking Fanboy when he mentions his doctor said he had "the courage of a 90-pound boy".
  • He shows similar characteristics to Spongebob, suck as having 2 big buck teeth and being almost immune to injury. He also has a similar personality, being usually very upbeat and optimistic with lots of energy.