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Fang is the deuteragonist of Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal. She is a female Tyrannosaur who tragically lost her two offspring around the same time she crosses paths with a caveman named Spear. Together, the two strike an unlikely friendship and struggle to adapt to the harsh and unbearable world.

Her vocal sound effects were provided by Frank Welker.


Initially a sole dinosaur, Fang spent her days raising two infant Tyrannosaurs by hunting in the forest and fishing in the streams to bring them food. She came across a stream that contained fish one day, where she managed to catch enough in her mouth. Fang then caught a peculiar scent and detected something was watching her. Wasting no time, Fang returned to her territory—a secluded willow grove—where she could feed her two juveniles.

When Spear entered and threatened the family, Fang immediately took a defensive stance but saw a rival Tyrannosaurus pack trailing behind Spear. Fang managed to fight them off as she quickly killed one by biting the back of the neck and tossed the dead Tyrannosaur away. Spear came to help her fight off the larger predators as she killed the second by ripping the snout off and watched Spear killed the third member of the pack.

Fang watched her babies nuzzle Spear and played with him as gratitude for protecting them, but the tender moment is cut short when the Alpha Tyrannosaur appears and knocked Fang away, eating her infants as Fang looked on helplessly. As the Alpha proved to be formidable in strength, Spear and Fang team up to kill it as they avenge their families' death. Fang briefly mourns for the loss of her young and later decides to join Spear to explore new areas as a new family. ("Spear and Fang")


Fang was a brave and arrogant Tyrannosaurus and she was completely out bursting with rage and she was trying to sleep and because of her adventure she was courageous but within her friend Spear. She was scared because of her children got killed.


  • Advanced Combat and Strength: Fang's body is honed for fighting and has shown the capability of handling rivals far larger than her. She has enough jaw strength to fight off different creatures, such as managing to tear off the snout of another theropod with her own teeth and powerful enough to tear off the heads of gigantic bats or puncturing the thick hide of a mammoth. Her fighting skills are boosted with the use of her powerful jaws, teeth, claws, head, and tail. She can shove with enough force thanks to her huge size.
  • Advanced Durability: Fang is highly durable as she was able to survive attacks from the sheer force of an alpha theropod and a giant spider, the latter of whom brutally thrashed her into the wall, and was able to take a few hits from Krog.
  • High Intelligence: Fang has proven to be quite intelligent, as she understood that Spear was helping her all the time in battle. She was also clever enough to play dead in order to be taken by the bats so that she could save Spear.
  • Advanced Speed and Stamina: Fang's speed is equally fast as a pack of raptors. She is also never shown to be tired or exhausted when running and fighting as well.


  • Some of Fang's vocal sound effects used for her actually came from dinosaurs such as a Daspletosaurus, Protoceratops and Oviraptor from the Discovery Channel documentary Dinosaur Planet. She also sometimes uses quite a few roars from the 1998 American film Godzilla. Most of the sounds she uses throughout are actually stock dinosaurs, big cats, hyenas, crocodiles, elephants, pigs and bears.
  • The animators identify her as a tyrannosaurus, but her size and bodyshape are more akin to those of a daspletosaurus or gorgosaurus.


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