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Hero Overview

Fang is the deuteragonist of Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal. She is a Tyrannosaur who tragically lost her two offspring around the same time she crosses paths with a Neanderthal named Spear. Together, the two strike an unlikely friendship and struggle to adapt to the harsh and unbearable world.

Her vocal sound effects were provided by Frank Welker.


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Fang is an adult female teal-colored tyrannosaurid with dark stripes patterned across her body. Her most distinguishing feature is a large tooth on the right side of her jawline that prominently protrudes when she closes her mouth, hence her name.


Fang is a reserved and brave predator who does not shy away from violence when confronted. Despite being a primitive animal, she possesses keen intelligence with deducing when to fight back and when to maintain self-preservation.

Fang is quite cognitive to the degree that she can communicate with Spear, a Neanderthal, and hold an entire conversation by physical expressions. Nevertheless, Fang, unlike Spear, is quite audacious and straightforward about her preferences; she will behave stubbornly about it until she is satisfied.

Complementing her fierce nature, Fang has strong loyalty to her allies and family. Numerous times Fang has proven to be extremely loyal to Spear and does not hesitate to rush to his side to protect him from more brutal opponents. She loved her offspring deeply and those who helped her family earned her respect, as shown when she was grateful to Spear for saving her offspring, then reacting in both rage and despair following their death.

Powers & Abilities

  • Strength: Fang has demonstrated her ability to handle her opponents far greater than her. She had enough strength to fight off different creatures, such as managing to tear off the snout of a horned Tyrannosaurus with her jaws and powerful enough to tear away the heads of gigantic bats or puncturing the thick hide of a mammoth.
  • Resilience: Fang has proven her resilience as she is able to survive attacks from the sheer force of the Alpha Tyrannosaurus and giant Spider, the latter of whom brutally thrashed her into the wall, and was able to take a few hits from the mutated Krog.
  • Bite: Fang has a particularly strong and powerful bite, either because of her sharp teeth, jaw-muscles, unusual jaw-structure or some other reason. Exactly what she can bite depends on the jaw-strength, resilience of her teeth/bite-surface and her shape.
  • Combatant: Fang's body is honed for battle since her fighting skills are boosted with the use of her powerful jaws and prehensile tail. She can shove with enough force thanks to her larger size.
  • Intelligence: Fang has proven to be quite intelligent, as she understood that Spear was supporting her in battle. She was also clever enough to play possum in order to be taken by the bats so that she could save Spear. She shown to be smart enough to understand how to fight similar to Spear by jumping on the Man Bats and even tries to warn Spear about the Night Feeder.
  • Stamina and Speed: Fang's stamina is very high as she has barely shown to be exhausted since she ran long periods and was able to fight well enough without too many difficulties. Her speed is fast enough to run off from raptors and flying giant bats.
  • Smell: Due to being a tyrannosaur, Fang's sense of smell is the most developed of the whole animal kingdom. Fang, in normal times, uses it to find her prey or detect enemies, but her heightened smell helped her in near-death situations as she found Spear among the cocoons of the Mega Spider and detected the infectious bacteria among the corpses of sauropods as well as identify a killer by sniffing the corpses of its victims.
  • Master Hunter: Fang is a skilled predator as she can use the color and stripes on her body for camouflage simply to blend in tall grass or shady areas so that she can't be seen by her prey.

Audio Samples


  • Some of Fang's vocal sound effects used for her actually came from dinosaurs such as a Daspletosaurus, Protoceratops and Oviraptor from the Discovery Channel documentary Dinosaur Planet. She also sometimes uses quite a few roars from the 1998 American film Godzilla. Most of the sounds she uses throughout are actually stock dinosaurs, big cats, hyenas, crocodiles, elephants, pigs and bears.
  • The animators identify Fang as a Tyrannosaurus, but due to her size and bodyshape, she is more akin to those of an Albertosaurus, Daspletosaurus or Gorgosaurus.


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