Fangmei Xun is one of the supporting characters in Shenmue 2.


Fangmei was a orphan who is adopted by the temple and works there to repay their kindness. However, Fangmei is taken by Xiuying and serves as her loyal assistant. She is a cheerful girl who's liked by those around her, she helps clean the Man Mo Temple as gratitude for the kindness they've shown her over the years. When Xiuying takes Ryo under her wing, Fangmei helps look after him and quickly develops a crush on him. She is loves cooking and aims to be one of Hong Kong's best cooks.

Upon in Da Yuan Apartments, Fangmei meeting Ryo for first time but told him that comes into Man Mo Temple's library to puts all of the books to table knowing having lucidly done completed these works. She also befriends to Eileen Edelweiss, a Canadian martial artist who is lived in Pigeon Park of Aberdeen with exactly practiced Chinese Kung Fu to meets with Ryo maybe which forasmuch every way. When the two girls are meals in Man Mo Bistro, he coming to speaking with them then deals enough time toward interesting to matters.

Ryo saw Fangmei waited to standing outside the clothes shop called Three Blades Street from Lucky Charm Quarter while even looks items as her birthday present. Enter the shop, Ryo finished buys item and giving the money to shop owner. During in March 3rd, Fangmei's birthday is already coming as a result of while Ryo retaking to Xiuying's room to meets Fangmei with passed. He gives her the special gift whom did had noticed that she not likes the necklace simply sees the dress is very good for Xiuying. She and Ryo are bounding by way about enchanting with their friends.

Shiquan, one of the apprentices in Man Mo Temple who obsessed to Fangmei which trying to taking the photos for her and Ryo. After picked up the pictures with Ryo, Fangmei later reclaiming to her jobs. As Ryo will leaving Hong Kong to China. Fangmei mentioned that her taking place to orphanage with telling him reminiscent about her sensations with by hoping to giving him an amulet and the photo of Xiuying.


Fangmei is often socializes with the people of Scarlet Hills and is very liked by them. She is very kind, generous and was even willing to give Ryo her allowance to help him with money. She takes pride in cleaning the temple and inspires to find love like any other.


  • An optional cutscene involves Fangmei getting in a fight at the bistro.


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