The Fantastic Four are the first superhero team in the Marvel Universe. They are a group of genetically enhanced superhuman beings that became like this following an accident in the cosmos, now, they are protecting the world from the evil Dr. Doom, who was once their former friend and from other threats.

The Fantastic Four were created by the late Stan Lee and the late Jack Kirby.


When the U.S. government shut down his experimental rocket, autistic scientist Reed Richards was determined not to let his dream be wasted. With his best friend, Ben Grimm, serving as pilot, and his lover Susan Storm and her teenage brother, Johnny, as the crew, the autistic Reed broke into the base that was holding the rocket,and blasted off. But when the quartet reached space, they were bombarded by an unknown form of cosmic radiation.

Forced to land back to Earth, the group realized the radiation had altered their bodies in "some most fantastic ways": Reed could now stretch like a piece of elastic, Sue could become invisible and create invisible force fields, Ben had mutated into a super strong, invulnerable monster, and Johnny gained psychokinetic abilities and could envelop himself in an aura of flame. Realizing that they gained these powers for a reason, the group named themselves the Fantastic Four, and have protected the world from all manners of threats from then on.

Members and Powers

Former or temporary members:


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