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Fara is one of the heroines of Diablo 2.

Early Life & Diablo 2

Was a paladin of the Hand of The Zakaram. She trained in a temple in Eastern Kurast. Fara abandoned the Zakaram, when she discovered the corruption and evil of the church. She made a new home in Lut Gholein, where she repaired and sold armor and weapons for Gholien's guards and other heroes. Then Lut Gholein faced Diablo, Baal, and their followers and she helped the heroes looking for them.

One of the heroes was Warriv, who she helped out when she was younger and felt she didn't need to remind him. Fara also mentions that the rewards for honor will not come in this life. After Diablo released his ruthless brother, Baal, she wished the heroes well as they left and traveled to Kurast. To the male paladin hero, she calls him brother and that she was a champion of Zakaram all those years ago. As for the other heroes, she says she knows a lot about the old religions.

Fara has a low opinion of brothels, believing they corrupt honest men and that with the local harems took up hiding in the palace but that anger is rising. Of Griez, hero, and captain of Lut Gholien's guards, she says that even though he is a great warrior and leader, he'll always be a mercenary at heart, and she cannot be loyal to those, who can't be loyal to themselves. She says maybe the guy paladin will play a part in reclaiming their order's honor and spirit and that he is an inspiration to her. She tells the heroes that Atma, heroine and another healer, is a good woman and yet she also has fear and hate. Fara points out too when Diablo and his brothers were defeated and imprisoned, Mephisto, a bad guy, and demon lord was moved to Kurast and bound by the holiest of magics.

Fara decides to aid the heroes after they destroy Radament, a fallen hero and mage, and held Atma, a heroine and tavern keeper. Comments that the weird night is because of dark magic and that Drognan, a hero and sorcerer, probably knows what they are dealing with. She knows that even Horazon's sanctuary can be breached by the forces of darkness. Such a haven can become a chamber of great evil. Be warned, be careful what you may unleash!! 

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