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Faris is a minor protagonist from Dragalia Lost and a major protagonist in "Divine Deception" event alongside with Ryszarda and Pinon. He is an Apostle of the Ilian Church and sigil-bound to the archangel, Uriel.

He is voiced by William Vaughan in English and Ryota Osaka in Japanese.


Faris has dark blue hair and pink eyes, and he wears a black uniform which represents him as an apostle of the Ilian Church and his mouth is covered by his collar.


Faris is a perfectionist who holds a tendency to grade himself and others on how well they perform in battle such has when he gave Pinon a five-point deduction when she failed to take out a fiend. He is also noted to be remarkably cold and rational, killing his former caretaker Mother with little hesitation after she tries to stab him and also points out how Apostles like him are dispensable and thus, he is working to perfection so he becomes an indispensable asset of the Illian Church. He is also dislikes his gloomy and stern attitude being pointed out, berating those who describe him as such and deducting points from them.

However, Faris is not completely heartless as he seems troubled when he realises the orphanage he was sent to investigate was the one he grew up in. He also initially compliments Mother and apologises to her for not keeping in touch.


When Pinon is having trouble with a fiend, Faris arrives to slay it to save her.

Powers and Skills

Faris's primary weapon of choice is a mana caster. He also holds what appears to be a blade.


When Pinon had a hard time dealing with a fiend, Faris was quick to chastise her for this underperformance, she mentions he had been grading her performance everytime.



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