Father is the former main antagonist of short film Boy Meets Dog. It is unknown if he's divorced or widower.


He was first seen resting in the class while Bobby was bringing the dog from street to home. When the beagle happily barks for Bobby during the bath time, he wakes up anger and takes his son to his room for punishment but accidentally falls down to the stairs afterwards. While he returns to the son's room, he dreams of being taken to a forest scene and put on trial by various elves and other creatures when the tribunal comes off the family wallpaper to stress dental health in rhythm and song.

A judge learns that father is charged with being "neurotic and erratic," teaching him how to become a nice person forever, the dog appears and hints that he was beaten and kicked. The jury finds that he "has no mentality" because he does not massage his gums, and is "childlike in his dental knowledge" despite the fact that he attended college, and so finds him guilty. The judge then reveals himself to be Bobby, and he sentences his father to the "youth machine," which turns him into a baby. Father wakes up from the dog licking the face, he sees the Ipana toothpaste sign that clearly states that Bobby is intelligent and successfully redeems himself in the reality, becoming nice with him, and letting him keep the dog. Father, Bobby and his friends spend time together happily forever, all go out for sundaes and go fishing in the river.

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