Father Ted Crilly is one of the three priests living on Craggy Island in Ireland along with Dougal and Jack and is the main protagonist of Father Ted.

He was portrayed by the late Dermot Morgan.


Ted has been known to try and bend the rules of religion for his own ends, such as convincing Dougal to help him rig a draw to get money. However, he has genuine religious conviction, and can put up a spirited argument whenever Dougal asks him about religion.


Early life

You went to Las Vegas, whilst that poor child was supposed to be in Lourdes!
~ Bishop Leonard Brennan on Ted stealing from a charity
Ted was born sometime around the mid-20th century in Ireland. Not much is known about his childhood, however he did study theology at the seminary, St. Colm's. He seemed to be bullied by the other priests there, being teased for wetting the bed and being given the nickname Father Fluffybottom due to some downy fluff growing around his posterior. He eventually graduated and entered into the priesthood. Whist working in an unknown parish, Ted stole donations from a charity which was funding a poor child's pilgrimage to Lourdes, and using this money, travelled to Las Vegas for a holiday. As punishment, Ted was evicted from his then parish and sent to work on Craggy Island.

Life on Craggy Island

When Ted arrived on the island, he met Father Jack Hackett, an elderly, drunken priest, Father Dougal McGuire, an incredibly dim-witted idiot and Mrs. Doyle, the tea-obsessed housekeeper. Ted was always unhappy on the island, surrounded by eccentrics and people he didn't respect. He has been told that he will only leave the island if all the money that he stole has been accounted for, however, this is unlikely to ever happen. He and Dougal slowly grew towards each other, and, despite their bickering, Ted admitted that he and Dougal were friends. Ted stayed on the island for at least three years, although it is likely he was there for much longer.

Eurovision entry

In 1996, Ted and Dougal entered Eurosong 1996, with their song 'My Lovely Horse'. Although they were successful and went forward for the Eurovision Song Contest, the competition was rigged by the organisers, who picked the worst song to minimise the chances of Ireland hosting the competition next year. Their plan was successful, as Ireland managed a total of zero points at Eurovision, much to Ted's embarassment.


  • Ted is often seen wearing two badges on his priest's jacket. One shows he's fluent in Irish gaelic, the other shows he's a member of the teetotal Pioneers (however, he frequently violates this, when he got drunk on sparkling wine after attacking his superior).
  • Ted has a brother who works as a doctor.
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