Usul, these are fifteen of our finest warriors, to serve you as your guard..the Fedaykin.
~ Stilgar, introducing the Fedaykin.

The Fedaykin were a group of elite Freman warriors who came to serve as a guard to Paul "Muad'dib" Atreides.

In the 1984 movie, the Fedaykin were identified by the red paint on their stillsuits. Personally chosen by Stilgar, the Fedaykin helped Paul drive the Harkonnen from Arrakis, and defeated Emperor Shaddam IV Sadaurkar terror troops. Shaddam was then forced to surrender the Golden Lion throne to the Atreides.

After Paul took over the Empire, the Fedaykin spread out to the Imperium at large, as part of Paul's jihad.

Nearly twenty years after Paul defeated Shaddam IV the Fedaykin were dissolved by Alia Atreides, and the term Fedaykin reverted back to its original meaning.


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