Felicia is a character from the story of '''Myriam McClean".[1] Described as the world's biggest enigma, Felicia is an incredibly promiscuous and sadomasochistic, yet highly cuddly and positive woman, with the mind and mentality of a young child. She is described as being "breathtakingly beautiful, both inside and out" to the point of it being a fault. At the same time, she is loof, and without much of a care. She is kind-hearted and loyal--she is the sort of girl who would never leave your side, and sees the beauty in everything.

Felicia is described as having an incredibly voluptuous figure that is "near perfection". She has long black hair, with a fringe that overlap (this is meant to signify her aloof nature). Her eyes are blue, and are described as being dazzling blue orbs. Her exact age is not given, however she appears to be in her late teenage years (18/19) to early 20s.

One of Felicia's most eccentric quirks is her honorific system. She adheres to her system, and will not ever deviate from it, even when doing so would be more convenient:

  • Justine, only: Miss
  • Most females: Miss [their first name or an assigned title]
  • Most males: Mister [first name or an assigned title]
  • All children: Little [their first name or "One"]
  • Dominating sexual partners: Mistress/Master

Felicia describes that the feeling she gets when she does not adhere to her system is akin to swearing (which she also does very little). The system is often used for comedic purposes, by having Felicia adhere it to to the point of absurdity. Her reasoning for the logistics behind her system, how she got started with it and her motivations for it, if any, are unknown. Felicia's friends describe it as just being how she talks, and something they've stopped noticing doesn't make sense long ago.


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