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Live and Let Die

Felix is in New York investigating Mr. Big, James Bond's new target. The pair travel to one of Big's fronts, the Fillet of Soul restaurant in Harlem, where Felix steps out for a moment, leaving Bond on his own. Meanwhile Bond was captured by Mr. Big leaving Leiter to return wondering where he was. A barkeep at the club said that he had left without him, leaving Leiter puzzled.

Leiter, later returns to assist Bond after a crisis in Louisiana, dealing with Sheriff J.W. Pepper clearing up Bond's encounter with the local police. Later, he, Bond and Quarrel Jr. set off to destroy Big's crops and rescue Solitaire. He later bid Bond and Solitaire farewell on the train home as they were getting on.

Licence to Kill

Felix, now working for the DEA, and James Bond arrest a drug runner before parachuting into Leiter's wedding. On his honeymoon, fellow DEA agent Ed Killifer assisted in breaking Franz Sanchez out after accepting $2,000,000 from the drug dealer, Felix is kidnapped and maimed by Sanchez by being lowered into a shark tank while Della was raped and murdered. After being maimed, they threw his body back into his house and left a note saying "He disagreed with something that ate him".

James, who was heading home had heard Sanchez' escape from an airport employee and went over and found Della dead, Leiter's office ransacked of his files and a bloodied Leiter. 007 soon answered a call inteded for Felix but soon informed him to call an ambulance. Bond, in the process was fired from MI6 and went rogue to take his revenge on Sanchez in this film for these actions. Near the end of the film after 007 killed Sanchez with Leiter's best man present, Leiter had almost recovered and while talking to James, he said he'll be out of the hospital and James recommend some fishing and Felix said M tried to get to Bond and said he is rehiring him into MI6.


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