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Felix Richter is one of the playable survivors in Dead by Daylight, being introduced in Descend Beyond. A visionary architect Felix is able to make the most out of items and uses his skill to keep going and refuse to fail, even in the bleakest of situations.


Felix was born into the wealthy Richter family who traveled a lot allowing Felix to experience new cultures and styles, but what fascinated him most was the architecture and he studied to become an architect and was soon considered an architectural prodigy. However growing up Felix was socially awkward and introverted, his father hired every specialist to try to get Felix to be more outgoing however Felix preferred his imagination over the company of others and had few friends due to him and his parents constantly traveling and his father gave up and came to the conclusion that Felix would learn to become more social when he was ready. Felix's father would join him in the library, helping him make wooden building models and tell him stories of the secret society that he and his mother were a part of which Felix didn't believe, Stories about their battle with a dark ominous force. Everything would change for Felix when his family took their annual summer trip to Dyer Island, Felix didn't mingle well with the other teens but did make 4 friends who were like him who were nicknamed "The Pariahs" and they spend their time exploring the ruins however one of their adventures would go wrong and make Felix realize that all of his fathers stories about the dark force were true. They explored an abandoned prison camp in which they found the underground lab of a Scottish chemist and found his experimentation notes before finding a room full of human remains and strange vials before a dark fog flooded the room and shadowy claws began to come through the ground and The Pariahs were rescued by their parents who promptly disappeared. Felix and the others began trying to find out what happened to their parents and reached out to others but every lead led to a dead end and eventually gave up. Felix went on to become an exceptional architect and even improved his social skills and after that married Lauren Golder. Even despite everything Felix felt that he was a phony and would drown his anxieties in partying and drinking. Soon Lauren announced to Felix that she was pregnant and Felix sought to inspire his unborn child as his father had inspired him and his firm was commissioned for a project on Dyer Island, this excited and terrified Felix who now drowned his anxieties in books and articles on parenting. During the project Felix heard a voice from the underground lab and followed it as dark fog filled the area Felix witnessed his father emerge from the fog and his father, or what was presumably pretending to be his father gave a look of disappointment, turned his back and walked away with Felix chasing after him into the fog, Felix was never seen again. Felix was now in the Entity's realm where he uses his architectural skills to assist survivors like him (one of which being Élodie Rakoto, one of The Pariahs) in escaping the Entity's bloodthirsty servants including the Scottish Chemist who owned the underground lab on Dyer Island or rather, What he became.



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