You ever get the feeling God has too many enemies?

Felson is the deuteragonist of the 2011 film Season of the Witch, played by Ron Perlman.


Felson is a 14th century knight who engages in a crusade with his close friend Behmen von Bleibruck. According to Behmen, Felson joined the crusaders when a priest came to his village and said that the participants would receive blessings and remission from the Church. Felson asked if he would be pardoned for adultery and theft. The answer was positive, for the service of two and three years, respectively. He decided to make it ten years of service.

Felson is more laidback and a bit more cynical than Behmen, enjoying fighting, drinking and encounters with prostitutes. However, he's as shocked as Behmen when they find themselves massacring enemy civilians. They desert the crusades and return to Europe, which is devastated by a plague said to be caused by a supposed witch.

Behmen decides to take up the task to escort the girl to the remote monastery of Severac where the monks might be able to perform a sacred ritual in order to cancel the witch's powers and stop the plague. Felson doesn't show much interest in the affair, but he joins in with his friend to ensure that the girl is judged fairly (in addition to having all the charges against the deserters dismissed).

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