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The Female White Bird is a bird only seen in Angry Birds Seasons. She is a female bird like the White Bird. She only serves as a background character and only appears on wallpapers in Hogs and Kisses, and her existence has led to some people believing that the basic White Bird is male. She has a naive, maybe nervous expression. Where the Female Red Bird is approximately the same size as the Red Bird, one image implies that the Female White Bird is significantly smaller than both the White Bird as well as the Female Red Bird. She has the same face as the White Bird, but only with makeup, a bow, and lipstick.


  • The Female White Bird is one of four female birds, the others being Female Red Bird, Pink Bird,  and Jewel (Angry Birds Rio only).
    • It also may be speculated that at the time, Rovio didn't give each bird one specific gender until following Hogs and Kisses, which was the Female White Bird's first and only appearence in the series.
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